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Well what a beautiful day for a ride! The sun was shining & the birds were singing. After a quick coffee and a chat Stoney gave us his run down on the day ahead, 8 bikes headed off all ready for a great day of riding.

We headed down the highway, towards the Coast. Making a quick toilet stop at BP Chinderah, (well it was supposed to be quick) but thanks to Chuckles it wasn’t so quick. His toilet stop taking longer than the women, but while everyone was wondering where he’d got to, out he strolled oblivious to the fact that everyone was waiting for him.

We headed on our way down the highway taking the Kingscliffe exit where we travelled along the coast road, taking in some beautiful scenery through Kingscliffe, Casuarina Beach, Cabarita, Hastings Point and eventually stopping in Pottsville for Coffee & some yummy treats. After having our fill it was time to head off, but yet again we were held up by Chuckles, who decided he couldn’t stand the squeaking noise coming from the back wheel of his beloved Thunderbird, he sent his trusty pillion Pony on a mission to the IGA to get some kind of lubricant to rub on his drive belt. After some assistance from Stoney they set to work. Happy with their efforts it was finally time to head off.

Heading down through Mooball and onto the Burringbar range for some great riding & scenery to die for. Eventually ending up in Murwillumbah for our lunch stop.

After much deliberation over where to eat we finally settled on an Indian Café, which may sound unusual but the food was great and we (that is the ladies, mainly Happyfeet) were just happy they sold alcohol. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and lots of laughs.

Thunder & Stoney had organised for us to take a look at a prospective Blues Rally site while down here, The Murwillumbah Showgrounds, which was only just round the corner from the centre of town so off we went.

We all had a good look around and had a chat to the caretaker who seemed very accommodating.  Most of us agreed a great venue.

The time was getting on so we decided to hit the road. It certainly wasn’t to be Chuckles day cause yet again another blunder, this time he’d left his keys in his ignition and the guys weren’t about to let him get off easy. One of them (I won’t say who) removed his keys so they could watch him sweat over where they were. It didn’t take Chuckles long to work it out, so after a good laugh we hit the road for home.

A final rest, amenities stop, and Ice-Cream at Coomera on the way home. We all said our goodbyes to what was truly a great day spent in great company.

A big thank you to Stoney  & Happyfeet.WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!!


Julie (Pony)
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