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Ride report 20th October – Bribie Island changed to Kalbar

Rex and I rocked up at Browns Plains for Bribie Island ride, Woow! We’re the first ones here. A few minutes later Tony turned up, then Jeff and Shanelle then Rick in the car all stuffed up with the flu germs to tell us he wasn’t up to a bike ride today. After a bit of a discussion we decided not to go to Bribie but out to Kalbar for morning tea. So with Tony as ride leader we headed out through Springfield lakes way and through Harrisville. All was going well, nice country roads until we turned left at a T section, GRAVEL!, bugger. A bit further up the road (still on gravel) we came across a young man and woman on horses and although we slowed right down the horses got spooked. They started prancing and bucking so we stopped but the horse that the guy was on reared up and backed into the fence bringing horse and rider down. Jumped off the bikes and ran over to help, fearing the worst. He was OK apart from a few ugly marks up this arm. Thank god there was no barbed wire on the fence.

Back on the bikes again we followed the road and got back on bitumen, yah! Stopped at Kalbar for coffee and a bite to eat at a nice little café.  Back through Beaudesert,  Jimboomba and then on home.Thanks Tony for a nice day out, you did a good job as ride leader.



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