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Blessed withanother perfect day five intrepid riders turned out for the Eumundi ride. Leaving Browns plains just after 8.00am we decided to head straight up the highway to Eumundi so we could enjoy the most time possible shop, shop, shopping. With a short stop at Burpengary BP for coffee….did I say COFFEE, well after a kind gesture by Jaffa to shout the illustrious ride leader a nice hot cup of COFFEE and whilst patiently waiting and thinking how nice that COFFEE would be, Jaffa returned with…. Her own COFFEE and stuff the poor old ride leader!!!! She was off with the fairies thinking about shopping she was going to do. I think there should be a fine in there somewhere.

Back on the bikes after I finally finished my COFFEE.. that I had to go and get myself… we were back on our way to Eumundi. On arrival in Eumundi it became apparent we were not the only ones out enjoying the sunshine… The place was packed. To cover more ground we split up into small recon groups meeting now and then at cross roads and in shady lanes. With scent of German sausage and various other culinary delights filling the air, it was time to wander over to the Imperial Hotel for lunch. We enjoyed a cold ale and some great food while discussing the plight of those not able to join us for such a wonderful day. Now, with a topped up tank (Belly) it was time to head for home and rather than just head straight back the way we came, it was decided to take the less travelled route via Beerwah and Peachester through to Woodford. What a great decision this was, with the dapple sun filtering through the trees over a near perfect road surface and every now and then a break in the trees revealing the broad expanse of the glasshouse mountains scenery; This is why we live in Queensland. Making our wayback to the Burpengary BP for a top up of fuel and rest our weary behinds, we said our goodbye’s and headed for home. Again we had an absolutely perfect day out, Can’t wait for the next one.


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