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The Riders met at the Browns Plains Coffee Club as usual. From there we set off on our ride to Peter's fish Market on the Southport Spit. There were 16 Bikes and also 1 car, the car was being driven by Gadget who by the way is currently incapacitated, he was acting chauffeur to 2 gorgeous girls that were thoroughly enjoying being spoilt.

The tail ender's getting and eating their meals were Caroline, David (Popeye)Pam and Graham. On the other end of the scale, the starving Biker, can you guess?A clue - he is a big guy! (in nature and size) can you guess yet? You know the one we call our President, yes that's right Peter "Thunder"He claims as he is the President of the club that he needs to ensure our well being, so had to test the fish and chips to be assured of the quality of these, before allowing his team to indulge. Ha! Ha!

News Flash!!! Romance is the air Sam and Ben, Sam is ever so happy to flash her left hand and blind all in sight with the Diamond on her finger. Sam is looking forward to dragging Ben down the isle with his ball and chain attached in September next year. We do wish them all the very best for the future and know that they will be very happy together.

Karen, the lovely wife of Russell is proud to show that she has no trouble in determining Caroline's Cup size "C" for further information on this escapade please visit the web site, brilliant photography.

As we munched through the Fish and chips that were thoroughly enjoyed by all, our dinner was accompanied with plenty of laughter and chatter. We continued our journey back, and at Ormeau indulged in Coffee and Ice cream before commencing our journey home.

Our brave and illustrious leader "Thunder" and co rider, his beautiful wife Ann, lead the way and keeping up the rear as Tail End Charlie, was David alias Popeye and his beautiful partner and passenger Caroline.

Warning to all!!!!!Should Peter, " Thunder " come near you before a ride and ask you for your hand, be scared, be very scared. Run as fast as you can, faster than you can say "Jack Robbinson" or your arm will be forcibly raised in the air and you will have volunteered to be Thunder's ride reporter. Ssh!! SSh! Don't tell Thunder but it really is fun!!

Thank you for a Great Night Cheers

Pam Crompton

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