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Six bikes and two trikes showed up for the ride on Sunday, with Rick and Julie as Ride Leaders. The weather was looking promising, or at least I thought so, because Saturday had been such a warm, sunny day. How wrong could I be....

First stop Aratula for coffee, chat and catch up. The boys sat at one table, as is the Aussie tradition, and the girls at another. But Rick decided he wanted to be one of the girls and sat with us. We tried to scare him away with women's talk but this man does not scare easily.

Then we rode straight through to Queen Mary Falls as it was getting close to lunch.

Some of us decided to do the walk to the falls. While some, who I shall not name, decided to be slack asses and not go.

We trekked off down the mountain and everyone admired the view of the waterfall from the platform. Then we walked further down the mountain to enjoy the view again from the bottom. Many photos were taken. So far, so good.

It was then decided that being the super fit elite athletes that we are, that we would jog back up the mountain at a fast and mighty pace. We accomplished this feat with ease although our thighs were hurting a tad when we got to the top (as it is a very steep climb) but surprisingly we barely broke a sweat. We then went to the cafe, ate deliciously healthy salads and rode home under a warm Winter's day sun.

Is that enough bullshit, Good. This is actually what really took place. We moaned and groaned, huffed and puffed, whinged and whined, mumbled and grumbled and had to stop numerous times to try and catch our breath. Our thighs were caning and we were sweating profusely. We just about collapsed with exhaustion (except for Sam!). Then with what little energy we had left in us, the excuses began. "I work in an office all day, I'm not used to this", "That's it, I'm going to start walking again every night", "I think I better give up smoking", "It's very difficult with bike boots on" and so on and so forth. Then it was suggested that I had misled everyone and taken the wrong route. I told them that we were in fact lost and started to "Cooee" hoping this would stress everyone out even more (he he evil laugh). Anyway, we finally stumbled up to the top of the mountain. We had worked up quite a bit of an appetite so we then went to the cafe and ate burgers, chips and all sorts of crap so that we could try and feel normal again.

Then it was time to ride home. Bums back on the bikes and down the goat track at which point we ran into Debbie's relatives who were holding up the traffic so we stopped to let all the cows cross the road (that's what Wayne said don't blame me). It then started raining after we left Boonah.

And so ends another ride leaving me wet, exhausted but happy : GYPSY

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