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A ride to the Falls was on the agenda. With 15 bikes, a trike and one carSeems ye olde clubs is back on the menderWith Rick and Julie assigned to lead us astray. The sun is shining, the birds are singingI was thinking to myself 'its gonna be a beautiful day'

Our first stop is 'Beau-i-' for Donna and Wayne. But alas the trike breaks down and we must ride away. Next stop Rathdowney for a bum break and food. When a few laughs were had and I was thinking 'so far so good'!

Now, dear folks, this is where the real fun beginsFor us unsuspecting souls did not know the road ahead was full of potholes and dints!With bladders and dentures and me bones copping a'shaking Which unfortunately ultimately led to me fork seals a'breaking!

And so it is with much relief we arrived at our destination. And by this time I must say I had lost some of me fascination!So it was with much gusto we all sat down for lunch. And it was decided that a walk to the falls was for the fittest of the bunch.

Thus the day ended with a ride via Boonah, and then back to Ned's place, pity he didn't have any schooners!

And so it was we all said our goodbyes,And thank you Rick for a really good ride!


Queen Mary Falls  17 June 2012
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