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Under a foreboding sky the day started well with 15 bikes, two trikes and some new faces ready to start the 2012 social ride calendar.

We will have to chip in and purchase a new alarm clock for Wayne and Donna as they only just made the departure by the skin of their seat. Rowe must have known something as he peeled off just 500m metres after the start with mechanical issues.

We headed out along the western freeway through The Gap and onto Samford for a coffee break and the donning of wet weather gear.

With just a light drizzle we continued through Dayboro and Mount Mee joining the D’aguilar highway near Woodford where the rain gods where not so kind and the heavens opened up. Colleen and Chrissy demonstrated how to win at trike figure skating after scooting through a large body of water on the road, Colleen later commented on the spray had wet her pants, however watching her manoeuvre from behind I think it may have been more than water.

We crossed the Bruce Highway at Caboolture where we picked up our fearless leader and Honorie then continued onto Bribie Island Surf Club for lunch. The place was a full house and for good reason, the meals and service where fantastic.

“Chivalry is not dead” were the comments by the women surrounding Dave Mc and Stoney, getting drinks, ordering lunch and opening doors, seems there maybe a lesson here to be learned by some of us…..well me anyway….. apparently. Although I thought I did alright….apparently not…After a hearty lunch we adjourned down to the beer garden to work off lunch with some dancing to the live band.

As the sky became increasingly darker, it was decided to head for home down the Bruce Highway where it was every woman and child for themselves dodging the onset of rain again. It is at this time I would like to point out that if the weather even remotely looks like rain and you have a choice between a full face and open face helmet, DO NOT WEAR AND OPEN FACE HELMET WITH ONLY A PAIR OF SUNNIES FOR PROTECTION. It is quite an experience.

Anyway the rain could not stop us from having an event free and enjoyable day. Thanks to Dave Mc as our ride leader and Graham as tail end Charlie.

Rick Irwin 

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