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Giday All,

From an buy in tourist but still a Ulyssian.. After being made very welcome I volunteered to write the report of the days’ proceedings.

So here goes!!

Firstly I recon we should pull out the hat and buy Rick “Chuckles” a pair of sunnies. During the ride briefing we were directed to follow Rick through Numinbah onto Kingscliff sort of that away what he forgot to say to Skippy was. Go that away really fast now if something gets in your way like a Kangaroo... TURN.. 

Apparently Skippy had a close call with Skippy on the way to the ride. He was ok and so was Skippy.

Rick also mentioned at Kingscliff a lunch or BBQ had beenprepared; Just let me say this - It was a Fantastic BBQ!!! and Fantastic was an understatement. The branch members who organized this have outdone themselves.The food was great. The ride just as good if not better and the people; well I don't think there is a word in our dictionary for how good they are. That also covers the Aussie and New Zealand slang dictionary as well.

The ride proceeded from the Coffee Club, Browns Plains after a couple of coffee's at just after eight we were directed down the Mt Lindsay Highway with the procession of bikes riding in staggered formation until we turned left just before Jimboomba towards that new satellite city being built south of Logan Village, Yarrabilba, turning south towards Tamborine then onto Canungra getting a lot of decent looks from the Outpost and the Mets Cafe. We then rode over the hill through the Numinbah Valley gorge.

Well after enjoying the atmosphere of the little country Cafe for about twenty or so minutes the silence was shattered by the call of the illustrious Ride Leader HEADEMUP MOVE EM OUT.-. any further silence was then broken up with the roar of a pack of Harley Davidsons Boulevards and a couple of Hondas including the oversized Posty bike, as we all pulled out on to the main road and headed towards Murwillumbah at a reasonable rate of knots. I must say at this point that the ride was not rushed in anyway and everyone behaved very well obeying all the road rules from keeping a safe distance to the speed limit. Great work, as a tourist who joins other clubs on a regular basis it is a pleasure to ride with groups who are so well behaved and it makes it a lot easier for a tourist to enjoy the ride.

We finally turned right on the Murwillumbah road riding past the Hinze Dam. Past the sole Radar just before the border cameras, which did not bother us cause we were well under the limit and onto our breaky stop.  It was really getting a bit hot by then and I think the ladies of the group were looking forward to another coffee or cold drink I know I was.

The ride through Murwillumbah was uneventful and pleasant taking in the scenes of Jet skiers and the few speed boats with water skiers as we rode through.the cane fields down past the Tweed River.

Arriving at Kingscliff to a spot under two massive shadedtrees we parked, stripped the gear off and hoed into the snags, bacon and eggs and coffee that had been prepared by other branch members (namely Horny, Jaffa and Have-a-Chat). Everyone agreed over a good chat that the chefs had outdone themselves. I found out it was a full on affair with everyone pitching in to help so my thanks also goes out to the couple of young blokes there who did their bit as well.

Thanks to all who made this day such a success for the riders and I am sure
the general public wished they were us.

Whilst we were waiting for lunch to go down I noticed a plastic wrapped package with a photo of a catsuit being delivered to one of the ladies. My mind boggled for a few seconds to the point that I got inquisitive and took the following picture.

Ok so that's about it. On the ride back I peeled off adjacent to my suburb to horns being blown and friendly waves from other riders saying farewell whilst I understand the rest of the crew planned to stop at Coomera for a Maccas ice cream on the way back to the Logan area.

I wish to thank all the riders in the Mt Lindesay Branch who made a great day even better by being themselves and making me feel like a new guy. Thanks again.

Kindest Regards 


Gold Coast Ulyssyes

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