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King Tutt’s Putt Putt Challenge


On the warm summers afternoon the Mount Lindesay pro Putt Putt contenders gathered for the pre-contest briefing session at the Coffee Club, secretly discussing strategies and allegiances which would possibly see them rise to glory as the victor of the 2014 Putt Putt challenge. Aw crap we just hung around and talked bullshit.

Once ride leader and tail end Charlie was sorted we headed for the glistening waters of the Gold coast and in particular the Spit where we were stopping for pre match food and drinks. Again it was fright the crowds at Pete’s Seafood. No that’s not right it was fight the crowds although there were a few onlookers who were curious to our strange golfing dress code.

When we were fully fuelled and pumped for the upcoming event we headed on into Main Beach, Surfers Paradise to the venue for our annual sporting showdown.

Geared up with the leading technically advance equipment (Putter and ball) we headed for the outdoor course were split into two foreboding teams (Men Vs Women) This is when as they say “When the green flag drops…The bullshit stops” well that’s crap the pile just got larger. There was lots of swearing and cursing at that little white ball which even after giving it all the loving attention afforded to a new born baby it would go anywhere but in the hole.

Stroke after stroke it was becoming apparent that we had missed our true calling as progolfers with some surprising “Hole in Ones” some par hole as well as some very nasty holes with little or no chance that little white ball was going any where near the hole. Halfway through the course we were confronted by a monster crocodile which blocked our path on to victory so without a thought for his own safety Popeye jumped the critter and wrestled him into submission. I think he had watched too much Steve Irwin.

Heading onto the back nine it was still neck and neck with both teams fighting strenuously for that black vest of champion, Maureen scoring a well-deserved Hole in one. It all came down to the final hole, which was a doosey. A straight putt, through a corkscrew onto the flat and into the hole.. Yea Right, I have never seen so many high shots, speed shots, water shots, I think Auto had to swim for her final shot. In fact the 18th Hole had a few surprises for those not paying attention. I think I saw Pony and a couple other jump out of their skins with the water jet catching them off guard.

Back at the clubhouse it was down to the judges for the final countdown, scores where close, the air was tense with anticipation as the decision was handed down. Our 2014 grand Putt Putt champion was… Popeye!!! God only knows how, it must have been divine intervention or he got some good tips from the croc.

Also, the side bet was won by GT, congratulations, don’t spend it all at once. With this in mind the more contenders on rides, the bigger the kitty, who knows one day it could set the winner up for life.. LOL

For all those attending the annual challenge it was a great night and the ride home had some memorable moments, one such moment was when the champion, overcome by his elite status and perhaps light-headedness took a detour and upon correcting his route (U-turn) broke traction on the Gold Wing trike… must have been something on the road surface, anyway the smell of burning rubber topped off the night.

Cheers Chuckles 
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