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Mount Nebo Breaky Run 


Gathering at The Coffee Club for our first ride for the new year was a group of 12 enthusiastic members ready to take on the mountain. With the coffee drunk and the chatter fading we saddled up for what was anticipated to be a very pleasant ride.

Heading out, led by Stoney to the western suburbs, through The Gap and onto the start of the hill climb it seemed we were not the only riders taking advantage of the perfect weather conditions.

We all pulled into Mount Nebo Café, which was a hive of activity with all sorts gathering for some food and drink. We had walkers, pushbike riders. Sportyriders and US. We all piled in and found a perfect spot on the back deck overlooking the pond and forest. We were treated to some fine food, great service and some strange tables numbers in the guise of stuffed animals rather than numbers. This was a strong talking point throughout breakfast with some of the animals fearing what Gavin was going to do to them.

Once we had our fill, we once again took to the mountain roads ducking and weaving though the dappled sunlight of the forest then out to the open plains of Wivenhoe Dam area. Again there were “Bikes a Plenty” on the roads enjoying the perfect weather as we headed into Fernvale where, like a moth attracted to light the Fernvale pub came into view and the bikes just seemed to turn all by themselves into the carpark. This was short refreshment stop where we said our goodbyes ready to head for home. The publican was very appreciative of company and wished us a safe trip home hoping to see us real soon.

All in all it was perfect riding weather with great friends and a good time was had by all.

Cheers Chuckles
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