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Inter branch Ride Geissmann Park

Mt Tamborine


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With the weather fine and a few clouds hanging about we were to gather at our annual inter-branch ride for 2014, this year hosted by Mount Lindesay branch. The first leg of the ride kicked off from The Coffee Club with our first contingent heading to Canungra to rally up with the other branches. Whilst at the “Coffeestop” it seems that the girls not to mention names …Happy feet and Auto must not have been listening and they thought they heard “Pub stop”, it seems quite implausible how one could mistake the word Coffee for Pub. Anyway who should be last on the bikes, no, it was not those who opted for coffee, guess who?????And not content with one or two, no they had to get “Take-aways for their “partners in crime” whilst continuing to hold up the group!!! Once on the road again, Feathers lead the group up Tamborine mountain to the final destination, Geissmann Park. Oh I’m sorry I did mention names…

The second contingent of Mount Lindesay let’s call them “The walking wounded” left the coffee club heading straight up the mountain to set up for the event. Whilst on the way through Jimboomba we happened upon a poor lonely sole biker stopped on the side of the road who, looked like they needed assistance…It was Denise who had obviously misunderstood the ride leaders directions HA HA (Would not liked to have been Feathers at that moment) anyway once we had that sorted, it was onto the park to set up. Upon arrival we met up with the previous managers of Chambers Pines golf course, who were at the park for a post wedding breakfast with about twenty or so people.

Knowing that in about 40 minutes they were going to be descended upon by 70 or so bikers, we thought it courteous to let them know there were going to be a “few extras” for breakfast. Terry and the crew from Little Miracles were there setting up catering for the hoards about to arrive. During this time there was the two cripples Horney and Chuckles and this strange orange tree climber, maybe the is where the name “Orange a tang” came from hanging the club flags and getting everything in order for the days event.

With a little sprinkle from the heavens the group arrived and greetings where made. By now the car park was chockers with all manner of machines and friendly conversations. It seemed it was ravenous pack, who had not eaten for a week as they converged on the spread laid out for them. Once bellys were full we had more chatter with raffles being drawn and a very good spread of winners. I think the true winners were all those who attended, met new and old faces shared some good stories and left for their respective destinations.

A big thank you to Terry Armstrong and his team of helpers who laid out a delicious meal for everybody, made some extra funds for Mater Little Miracles and made for a very enjoyable day by all.

Cheers Chuckles

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