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What Luck,The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky we were in for another great days riding as we gathered at the Coffee Club for some light chit chat and mandatory bullshit session.

Led by none other than your fearless ride coordinator, we headed out through the same path as the previous breaky run, then down into Samford which was a hive of activity and luckily a service station, cause someone could not read his fuel gauge correctly (Ride leader). Once we (I) were topped up we headed onto Dayboro fora short coffee stop. Can you believe it, there was only one shop open and plenty of thirsty and hungry people gathered in the street requiring urgent replenishment.

Once rested and refuelled (the body that is not the ride leaders fuel tank) we headed out to enjoy the most excellent Mount Mee road. There has been some road works happening over the past months and now the blacktop was most enjoyable, well until I got the official tap on the leg to signal I was having too much fun!!

On meeting the D’Aguilar highway just outside Woodford we headed for Bribie Island only to be caught up in a bit of a traffic jam just short of the bridge, seems we were not the only ones thinking this was a great place to spend a lovely Sunday.This did not take long to clear and once again we were on our way.

Upon arrival at the surf club again it was apparent this was the spot to be, as there was only “On the grass” parking available. After signing in we headed upstairs to a full house, however the very pleasant waitress directed us to the Sports bar which we called our own and busily discussed lunch menus. Not long after arriving the HOG club arrived, so the place was packed with lots of “Mature Disgraceful” guests. HOG had the forethought to book ahead and had been given permission to park on the grass at the back of the clubhouse, so we had a minibike show as well. This was great for the locals to view the bikes as they rumbled between the buildings and also to get a look at those riding the machines. I think they were pleasantly surprised that we were all there to enjoy their company, great food and a very pleasing vista out to Moreton Island.

Once lunch was over and we were refreshed, we saddled up for the trip home, another valuable lesson was learnt Don’t travel too close behind a vehicle which has just come off the beach, it’s amazing how much sand hurts at 100 kph. Once past the offender we headed back via theBruce Highway with our mandatory stop at the BP to say goodbyes.

Once again great company, great food and a great ride was had by all.

Cheers Chuckles 
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